Who are the Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3

The Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3 promotes political, social cultural and economic interests and rights of the Métis citizens and their families.

Our focus is to deliver programs and services for our community including: Child and family services, social connection, health research, justice, housing, youth programs, education, human resources, economic development and natural resources.

Youth Programs

The department responsible for our Youth Programs and Services has been assigned with the objective of promoting involvement and communication among Métis individuals aged 12 to 29 in all six regions of the MNA. Our team is dedicated to addressing the unique requirements of Métis youth in order to foster a sense of community and preserve their cultural heritage.

Language Programs

Discover the richness of Michif language with Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3. Our online resources provide PDF worksheets and videos for beginners and intermediate speakers, helping you embark on a rewarding linguistic journey. Preserve the Metis culture and language for future generations.

Health Program

Take control of your health with the Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA). Our community-focused organization offers a range of Health programs to support our members. Join our active smokers cessation program, ‘quit-core,’ in Calgary, as we help individuals quit smoking and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Prioritize your well-being with MNA and take a step towards a smoke-free future.

Upcoming Events

Experience a deep dive into culture, history, and a sense of pride by participating in our upcoming events. With a diverse range of events scheduled, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to engage with us and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for Métis culture. Don’t miss out on this exciting chance to immerse yourself in all that our community has to offer!

"I am proud to serve our Metis community in Southern Alberta. Our strength lies in our unity, and I’m committed to fostering a sense of togetherness among us. Together, we will ensure that the next generations cherish and carry forward our proud Metis culture."

Judy Gentes, President

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